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I'm using Mac OS Mavericks and attempting to run Portable Thunderbird from a USB drive.

I've tried to open Thunderbird using the terminal command to set a custom profile folder path that exists on a USB drive located at - /Volumes/THUNDERBIRD/Thunderbird/Profiles/xai1druh.default'

I'm able to start the Portable Thunderbird app from a command line, (located in the path /Volumes/THUNDERBIRD/'Portable Thunderbird_3.0.4'using the command:

open Portable\ But when I attempt to pass Portable Thunderbird the profile parameters for the profile path using this command line:

open Portable\ -profile “/Volumes/THUNDERBIRD/Thunderbird/Profiles/xai1druh.default” Portable Thunderbird is not seeing the -p or the directory parm but apparently open is trying to parse it as another program or file to open.

I've tried multiple iterations to allow Thunderbird to see the parms but apparently I'm missing something fundamental.

In the path /Volumes/THUNDERBIRD/Portable Thunderbird_3.0.4/Portable there is a file, Portable Thunderbird, (without an extension), that launches a script that eventually opens the Portable Thunderbird app.
In the same package in the path /Volumes/THUNDERBIRD/Portable Thunderbird_3.0.4/Portable which is the location of the default profile I'm trying to change.

What command line and syntax should I use to properly launch Portable Thunderbird from the USB drive to pass the profile parms to point to the custom profile on te same USB drive, my directory and object names seem different from your example. Thanks


FreeSMUG provides a Chromium distribution that includes the Sparkle auto-update framework. I'd like to build my own Chromium on OSX that uses Sparkle. Can anyone help me with instructions on the changes I'd need to make to the Chromium build code to make this happen?



I have downloaded numerous versions of the apps but they do not run on my iMac OX X v. 10.9.4. Can anyone help?

is there any way to update the portable thunderbird? the last in this version 3 and very outdated.
Anyone know how to create a portable app?

I am trying to copy an image to my thumb drive (originally formatted on a Windows machine). Do I need to reformat the thumb drive for a Mac? I also don't seem to be able to upload the image to cloud storage accounts.

Copying DMG to Thumdrive by mcnkldzynmcnkldzyn, 02 Aug 2014 18:24


I'm reviving the topic since i've encountered the exact same problem : after upgrade to OSX mavericks, my portable thunderbird started to hangs forever on startup (I had to wait 10 min before it asked for contact permission and then open up)

I've found a solution by accident. So I have mavericks (10.9.3), portable thunderbird and it hangs. I had to used diskwarrior to rebuild the directory and on restart of the mac, portabe thunderbird opened up in a flash. Problem solved.


EDIT : this seems to have worked only once for me, the first time after i restarted after the directory repair… after that, same hanging on thunderbird startup…. :(

Portable Firefox can be updated in the following way (according to this website):
"To update download last Firefox version and copy it in Resources folder inside Portable app bundle (ctrl+Clic - Show bundle content)."

Can I do the same with Portable Thunderbird, or wil that break things down?


Thanks for report, is a known issue, I hope to solve it soon.
Also History menu is missing.

I just updated FreeSMUG Chromium to Version 33.0.1750.152 (0) via Sparkles, and after restarting, the Incognito window shortcut [Shift]+[Cmd]+[N] no longer works.

The shortcut still shows up in Chromium's menu [1] ignore my inverted color scheme), just doesn't do anything anymore when using it.

Any idea what might be the problem or how to solve it?

[1]: http: // i . imgur . com / Hiv7ZRa.png

If you haven't yet, I can just suggest to use last Thunderbird version inside Portable app.
Sorry I don't know any sort of terminal command to solve this.

I saw another thread below entitled "Portable Thunderbird hangs in Mavericks." I believe this is related to the same issue however that thread did not present an answer to this question. I also tried the terminal command someone wrote in that thread and it did not work. Here is the problem clearly:

As a part of the new security features of OSX Mavericks, it seems to run a "one time" check when you install new apps for things you want the app to access. In this case, it runs the check for portable thunderbird to access contacts and it asks me if I want to grant the application permission to access contacts. Normally, this is a one-time thing, but because portable thunderbird is "new" every time it is mounted on the drive, it runs this check every time. I found this out because I watch it appear and disappear from the privacy and security window under system preferences when I mount and un-mount. It wouldn't be so annoying except that running this check causes the app to hang a while, sometimes for a few minutes, before the dialogue window pops up and I can make the choice, after which it runs fine.

Any ideas on a work around for this? A terminal command of some kind?

P.S: Just for security reasons, if you are using Safari, go to Preferences -> General and uncheck "Open "safe" files after downloading".

Probably something goes wrong during download. Try download it again.
I've just download it twice and it works.

Hi all, long time Linux user, new to Mac, trying to install FreeSMUG's Chromium but getting the error:

The following disk images couldn't be opened:
ChromiumOSX_33.0.1: no mountable file systems

This is from the Chromium here: www freesmug org / chromium

Any suggestions of what I might be missing/doing wrong appreciated.

Try to manually replace old one whit the new Thunderbird inside the portable bundle.
Thunderbird application and Profile folder are inside the bundle:

Open the bundle with ctrl+clik on it and then "Show package contents"

I'm using Portable Thunderbird for Mac from FreeSMUG
It's at version 12.0.1 and it downloads updates, which always fail to install when rebooted.

I'm having an issue when I sort my mail, with 5 mailboxes.
If I delete one e-mail, various others vanish, or re-appear in my unified in-box.
Deleting another e-mail, will do this again- a previous "vanished" email may reappear, it may not. Another e-mail may vanish. Sometimes, deleted items re-appear in my unified in-box.
This also happens in the individual account inboxes. It only seems to affect the most recent items, the few days or so. Nothing older.

The mails are not actually gone, or deleted. It's just that Thunderbird is getting confused on what it should show, and what I have deleted. It's driving me nuts, really. Especially when I get new mail, and delete a piece of junk, and then something I NEEDED to respond to is just nowhere to be found.

I'd update the app if I could. It has downloaded the 24.2.0 update numerous times, but it never installs properly.
"The Update could not be installed (patch apply failed)

How can I sort this out?

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