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I have 71.0.3578.80 installed on OSX 10.11. and it works now! Thank you very much!

I'm writing just now using Chromium beta 71.0.3578.75 build using XCode 8.3.3 running in a OS X 10.11 virtual machine.
Please wait for the next stable release. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks. Unfortunately the problem persists. 70.0.3538.102 and 70.0.3538.110 can't be startet
on 10.11. I know 10.11 is legacy since Sept respectivly 10.14 now, but having a recent browser can help
to extend the time window for migration (upgrading the OS every year is not user friendly / small office
friendly but that is an another story).

$ open /Users/test/Desktop/ ; exit;

dlopen /Users/test/Desktop/ Framework.framework/Chromium Framework: 
dlopen(/Users/test/Desktop/ Framework.framework/Chromium Framework, 261): 
Symbol not found: _kSecAttrKeyTypeECSECPrimeRandom
  Referenced from: /Users/test/Desktop/ Framework.framework/Chromium Framework
  Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/Security.framework/Versions/A/Security
 in /Users/test/Desktop/ Framework.framework/Chromium Framework
Abort trap: 6

Seems to be the kSecAttrKeyTypeECSECPrimeRandom instead of kSecAttrKeyTypeEC problem as mentioned in the bug report "bugs chromium org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=841769" . Thank you!

I am willing to support a new developer certificate!! Just put the fundraising campaign and spread the word!

Re: Unsigned build by LeoFauLeoFau, 23 Nov 2018 19:22

dlopen /local/net/Chromium/ Framework.framework/Chromium Framework: dlopen(/local/net/Chromium/ Framework.framework/Chromium Framework, 261): Symbol not found: _kSecAttrKeyTypeECSECPrimeRandom

Solution maybe here:
bugs chromium org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=841769

A new build 70.0.3538.110 is available. Please can you check this new one and report if it works. Thanks.

Re: Crashes on launch on 10.11.6 by CGandCGand, 20 Nov 2018 10:22
Crashes on launch on 10.11.6 by nospamboznospamboz, 16 Nov 2018 19:56
Ceashes on launch on 10.11.6 by nospamboznospamboz, 16 Nov 2018 19:55

My Apple developer certificate is expired and sincerely I can't afford renew fee (99,00€) for just building Chromium. I don't know if a fundraising campaign could have success.
Check SHA1 from Sourceforge site, now I can't give you more warranty, sorry.

Re: Unsigned build by CGandCGand, 19 Oct 2018 15:45

Received the unsigned warning on launch. Have rolled back to 69.0.3497.100 for now.

Unsigned build by cozzcozz, 18 Oct 2018 22:53

This is absolutely destroying my CPU. Tabs constantly maxing out 100% while just sitting in the background. Only Adblock and FreeSMUG Chromium updater extension loaded.
Reverting to v66.

by Ed RazebaEd Razeba, 31 May 2018 13:18
hello all
davidjohn2121davidjohn2121 14 Mar 2018 10:52
in discussion FreeSMUG café / Guest Book » hello all

I have just created a new username with a new email address and it seems to work. Past experience has shown that once I leave this session I will never, ever, be able to logon again. So, this is my only attempt to ask a question. My next attempt will fail because I can't logon.
My inability to logon is long standing, going back for a couple of years or so. There is no way that I know of to ask a question unless I am logged on, and there is no way to logon. Catch-22.
Since I am unable to logon I don't believe that there is any way that I can verify any answer directly, and I can't respond to give any more needed information. I am stuck. The assistance of custom essay writing service helps students understand the basics of every custom written paper, as well as the elements of creative writing.

hello all by davidjohn2121davidjohn2121, 14 Mar 2018 10:52

I've answered to a similar topic few weeks ago here:

As you are interested to save your preferences, if you like to automate it, you can have a look to the shell scripts source code here:

All scripts need to be updated with last macOS versions.

Hello, I've known FreeSmug for a while now and I really enjoy the concept of portable applications for OSX.
Sadly, the apps today are usually very buggy, slow, outdated, and some are still PowerPC apps. This is a dud, since Intel is much more used nowadays.

Is there any tutorial on how to package any open source application to a portable app on FreeSMUG? It would be much more convenient for me to make all my favorite apps portable, with my custom preferences, that I can use on any Mac with my USB. I would LOVE that!!!


Sorry no, FreeSMUG builds are done with clean Chromium source code without modifications.

the Google Cast function no longer finds the Chromecast device.
This used to work in the past with previous chromium version (somewhere before 52.0.2743.116, so yes it seems to be a quite very old bug now).

Could you please apply the following tiny patch at / ~chromium-team/chromium-browser/artful-beta/view/head:/debian/patches/enable-chromecast-by-default.patch that should bring the cast function back in Chromium ?


Most of MacOS app (except ones with installer) can be opened from every folder or drive. If you don't care about preference of the app you can put LibreOffice on your USB and open from it.
Otherwise you can use MacOS Guest user that delete everything after the log out.
Else if you care of some personal app configuration you need (with a script or manually) to:

  1. Backup app prefeneces on the host.
  2. Copy your preferneces from USB to host.
  3. Open your app and work with it.
  4. Close your app.
  5. Copy your preferences form host to USB.
  6. Delete your preferences on host.
  7. Restore host preferences.

I currently am in urgent need of a portable office suite for Mac. I have downloaded both LibreOffice and OpenOffice, but none of them seem to work.
When I open them on my USB, it says "Successfully opened" and about 10 seconds later it says "Successfully quit"
Now, I know portable mac apps are no longer supported. ;-;
But is there anyway I can fix it manually by myself? Maybe download a newer version?
I hope you answer soon.

Thanks in advance, LittleDoodle

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