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Posted on 22 Sep 2013 20:33

It's available a new version of OpenProdoc 0.8 RC1.

It can be used as:

  • Departmental DMS or in different areas of a company or institution
  • as a personal tool for professionals or freelancers using the portable version
  • for learning concepts about document management as it covers all the functionality required in any system, including thesaurus management, and don't requires any installation.

What is new:

  • Thesaurus Support
  • Complete Thesaurus management.
  • Skos-rdf standard support for import-export.
  • Multiple thesaurus.
  • Validation of selected metadata against thesaurus.
  • Modification of definitions already in use.
  • Import of document scanned and classified in Kofax Capture or Abbyy Finereader
  • Also, it maintains its characteristics:
  • A complete portable version (Linux, Windows, Mac)
  • Multi-platform (Java)
  • Multi-database (Derby, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, SQLLite, HSQLDB)
  • Low requirements for the engine (can work without a J2EE server)
  • Several ways for Authentication (Ldap, DDBB, OS, Own system)
  • Different ways to store documents (FileSystem, BLOB,ftp, Reference)
  • Object oriented definitions for documents and folders (including inheritance)
  • Fine granularity of administration and permissions, allowing delegation of different functions.
  • Multi-language (English, Spanish and portuguese)
  • Thin (Web) and Thick (Swing) Clients

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