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Posted on 02 Sep 2015 19:05

HDRMerge HDR raw exposure merging added to Graphic directory.

HDRMerge combines two or more raw images into a single raw with an extended dynamic range. It can import any raw image supported by LibRaw, and outputs a DNG 1.4 image with floating point data. The output raw is built from the less noisy pixels of the input, so that shadows maintain as much detail as possible. This tool also offers a GUI to remove 'ghosts' from the resulting image.

HDRMerge function is very simple in its core. It takes a set of raw images of the same subject, but different levels of exposure. It stacks them into layers, with the most exposed shot at the top. Then, it removes the burnt areas of each layer, revealing the details of the layers underneath it. As a result, you obtain a new raw image, with the most exposed pixels of each original image that are not saturated. It contains as much detail and as less noise as possible. HDRMerge provides tools to control the details of this process.



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