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Posted on 01 Oct 2015 21:53

I've just realized today, whether I was upgrading to last episode, that Pepper & Carrot ebooks were removed form Apple iBookstore.
Pepper & Carrot is an opensource webcomic by David Revoy, to which I contribute with italian translation, released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

With David pemission and respecting his license, I've published on iBookstore all episodes till now available in one single volume for six languages (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, JA).
Free single episodes are also available but you need to download them one by one instead of all with one click.
Starting with 1 buck for the first episodes the price will increase for each new episodes till next 20th. 1/3 will be donated to the author to support his work in addition to all his patrons.

I've violate this Apple iBookstore rule:

iBooks Store Formatting Guidelines 17.2. Publishers spamming the iBooks Store with many versions of similar books may be blocked from distributing their books on the iBooks Store. This also includes books that share or use the same images, text, or other content.

Books that primarily consist of content available for free elsewhere, including on the Internet, may be rejected. For example, we won’t accept books that repackage content from online sources such as free-access encyclopedias, Internet forums and tutorials, or question-and-answer websites.

My quick reply to Apple waiting for review:

This version is published with the consens of the author, and is used to support his work. [1]
The free version is single episode, this book is complete with all episodes.

Seems that with Apple you can publish and sell OpenSource software but you can't publish and sell Open Content!


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