Old News items

Starting from Tuesday 23rd November 2010, FreeSMUG site has migrated here from old hosting.
We manually migrate as pages as possible but we loose all 1000+ news items.
You can try to get old news replacing www.freesmug.org with old.freesmug.org or IP address like this:

We had a long outage from 29 Oct. till 11 Nov. 2010 We apologize for that.
For this and other matters we need to change our hosting.
We have hosted this site 1 May 2004, it works great althougt sometime little slow.
Now we are planning to migrate our server to http://www.wikidot.com hosting.
We are wotking to migrate all pages but probably we will lose all users, news items and forum posts,
(quite impossible to migrate) but we hope in this way to get a better and fast service with new forums and blog post.
Please, any suggestions are wellcome on forums or at "freemug" mail account at gmail.com
Happy MhACking.

One year later: Six years later:
140 members, 1047 members,
50 apps are listed in the directory 300+ apps are listed in the directory
150 news published, 1000+ news published,
we are official mirror
of NeoOfficeJ
we are official mirror
and torrent tracker of NeoOffice
FSuiteCD.iso published 6 FSuiteCD.iso published
300 visitors average per day. ~1000 visitors average per day.

Or with little patient you can browse old FreeSMG news list inside Archive.org

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